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Date: July 21st 2014

Class of 2018

Monday, July 21, 2014



With the new school year just weeks away, we are ANXIOUS to welcome our

newest WILDCATS in the LN Class of 2018!


There are several opportunities over the next 10 days for BOTH parents and students to get connected to LN.  We encourage you to join us:



  1. Freshmen PARENT MEETING—Wednesday, July 23rd, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the LN Auditorium.
    1. Hear from Mr. Crousore—LN Principal—and Mr. Harsha—Freshmen School Principal
    2. Find out ‘what’s new’ for high school students as our ‘millennials’ enter freshman year!
    3. P2P—ask questions of our Parent-2-Parent panelists…getting information from LN parents who have transitioned children into LN, traversed the teenage years and have great insights, experience and tips to share with those new to high school or LN.
    4. The evening will wrap up by 8:00 p.m., allowing for family time after your introduction to LN.


  1. STUDENTS—we want YOU to join us on Monday, July 28th for FRESHMEN ORIENTATION!
    2. 1:00-5:30 p.m., Drop off and Pick-up students at Doors 1 and 2 at the front of Lawrence North. (remember, this is a ONE-WAY DRIVE)
    3. Students will get to meet other freshmen new to LN, see friends from middle school and connect with student leaders at LN…and have FUN doing it!
    4. Students will receive their SCHEDULES, then head to the AUDITORIUM to meet for the first time as the LN CLASS OF 2018!
    5. Students will also receive textbooks & CHROMEBOOKS, photo ID’s will be taken, access their lockers, tour with student leaders and have some fun activities to help the day be memorable.
    6. All freshmen participating in sports or band WILL BE EXCUSED from those activities to attend this Freshmen Orientation.
    7. WE WANT YOU!  Please plan to attend…and connect to LN from your first day on campus!  Again…PARENTS…students should be picked up via doors 1 & 2 beginning at 5:30 p.m.  Be sure to leave a LANE OPEN along the front drive by pulling to the far left and far right when waiting for your 9th grader.


  1. Athletics—if your freshman is interested in fall sports, check the website for practice dates, times and locations.  Remember, students MUST HAVE a valid health physical to participate. 
    1. IHSAA Sports Physical Form:
    2. Athletic Department schedules:


  1. The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL will be on WEDNESDAY, August 6th and will be a GREEN DAY of classes.  For your convenience, you may print a color-coded daily calendar from the LN website.  (Your students will keep track of Green/Red days with little trouble…parents, typically, appreciate the calendar!  :-) )


  1. G1/R5        8:50-10:21
  2. G2/R6       10:28-11:54
  3. G3/R7*     12:01-2:07
    1. A Lunch—12:01-12:31
    2. B Lunch—12:33-1:03
    3. C Lunch—1:05-1:35
    4. D Lunch—1:37-2:07

                     4.  G4/R8       2:14-3:40

*G3/R7 will include a 90 minute instructional period and a 30 minute lunch period with time for ‘passing’ to and from the café


  1.  First Day of School—ALL STUDENTS in ALL GRADES will receive a final/official schedule at the START OF THE SCHOOL DAY.  Students will report to the room number posted behind their names, retrieve the final schedule and report to the G1/first period class.  This assures students are aware of any last minute class balancing or schedule changes made after “Schedule Pick-Up” July 28th-30th.  The names and room numbers are posted in various places throughout the building, including the COMMONS, MEDIA CENTER and FRESHMEN SCHOOL MAIN OFFICE.


Make sure you have subscribed to the “LNHS Guidance” listserv message on the LN website.  The LNHS Guidance message is sent out every Friday and includes information for a variety of events and programs, deadlines and reminders…and general information helpful to busy families of high school students. 


We hope PARENTS will join us THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 6:30 p.m. at LN and STUDENTS WILL JOIN US on Monday, July 28th for FRESHMEN ORIENTATION starting at 1:00 p.m. at LN.  SEE YOU THERE!


Go’ Cats!


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