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Date: May 18th 2016



Congratulations to the 8th graders for making it to the end of the year!  Just a couple of notes for your information:

Schedules: The schedules showing in skyward for next year are tentative at best. Counselors are working on schedule changes for current high school students right now.  Once summer begins, we will begin making changes and adjustments for incoming freshmen.  If you or your child sent a request for a change, chances are it has not been entered.  Teachers listed are not the official teachers for students at this time.  Music and dance placements have not been entered into the system.  We will work, over the summer, to balance classes and make changes.  Schedules are considered tentative the entire summer. 

Schedule Changes: If a change needs to be made to a class, you may email Shelia Patterson Allen at :  Schedule change requests, from incoming freshmen, need to be received by the first week of June.

Summer Conditioning:  Many athletic programs hold summer conditioning.  Please remember to check the website for conditioning information.  All students who intend to participate in summer conditioning must have a physical on file dated April 1, 2016 or later.   Lawrence Central is hosting a physical night on Monday, May 23rd from 6 – 8pm sponsored by Community Health network.  Physicals, at this event, will be $20.00

Summer Math Packets (encouraged but not required) and Summer Reading information (required) can be found on the Lawrence North Website under announcements.  Please click the link to go directly to our website!

Please feel free to contact Shelia Patterson Allen: with any questions or concerns.  Email messages will be checked, periodically, over the summer.

Hopefully we will everybody at the Freshman Orientation on July 25th!

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