LNHS 8th to 9th grade

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Subject: LNHS 8th to 9th grade
Date: February 21st 2018

What’s Next?


Course Request Sheets

Green course selection sheets need to be turned in this Friday, February 23rd.   Students may turn their sheets in through the School Counseling office at Fall Creek Valley, to Mr. Pierce during lunch, or to their Social Studies teacher. The Lawrence North School Counseling Department will then begin adding course requests to skyward. Please remind your child to put an Alternate Class in on the Green Sheet.  If their chosen elective ends up not being available, we will use the alternate class.

Course Request Changes

Course requests may be changed until June 1, 2018.  School counselors will go to Fall Creek Valley right before or after spring break to make changes.  Changes can also be made at the 8th grade open house (May 3) or an email may be sent to Shelia Patterson Allen : sheliaallen@msdlt.org  After June 1, we will close elective schedule changes however, academic level changes may continue to be made (a level change, as an example, would be a request to move from English 9 to English 9 Honors).

Open House

Save Thursday May 3rd for the 8th grade Open House at Lawrence North!  This event will include the opportunity to meet with teachers, coaches and club sponsors.  Summer reading assignments (yes, everyone has a reading assignment!) will be available and as mentioned above, students will be able to make changes to their course requests.  More information will be provided as we get closer to the date.

Final Notes (for today)

Academic recommendations are made based on classroom performance, ISTEP Scores and school assessments (reading scores).  Please remind your child to do their best on all assessments.  Courses may be changed based on end of the year data.


We look forward to working with you this semester to prepare your child for their Freshman year at Lawrence North.  Please send any questions or concerns to Shelia Patterson Allen (LNHS Transition Counselor Sheliaallen@msdlt.org or Brian Atkinson (9th grade Administrator) brianatkinson@msdlt.org

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