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Subject: Scheduling
Date: February 7th 2020


Students received their course request sheets for next year this week in their English classes. They should have them available for you to view this weekend.

Things to consider:

Academic recommendations can be modified depending on the course.

English: Students may move up one level or down one level in their English recommendations unless they have been recommended for English 9 Co-Taught. English 9 may move to English 9 Honors. English 9 Honors may opt to take English 9 GT/Lyceum. The same applies in the other direction. If a student was recommended for Lyceum but they think they would prefer Honors, they may change.

Math: current pre-algebra students will move to Algebra I. Current Algebra students will move to Geometry or Geometry Honors (they may select which level they would like to take). Current Geometry students will take Algebra II or Algebra II Honors.

Science: Students in 8th grade science will take Biology I or Biology I Honors. Students currently in Biology will select a science course. Science options are based on current math classes. Students assigned to a Science Group should select a class based on the options listed and write that option in where their form lists their Group. If your 8th grader would like to take a 1 semester science (Vertebrate Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology, Astronomy), they will need to select another 1 semester science for the 2nd semester.

Social Studies : Immersion students will take Culture and Diversity. All other students were recommended for Geography/ History of the World, Geog/Hist Honors or AP World History. Students may choose to take this course in 9th or 10th grade. If they opt for 10th grade, they may cross it out and write in an elective instead.

PE/Health: They may cross it out if they plan on taking it in the summer and/or plan to earn a PE Waiver. Otherwise it is one semester of PE and one semester of Health

Prep for College and Careers/ Intro to Business/ Intro to Computer Science/ Digital Applications : these are recommended courses that may be crossed out and a different elective may fill those spots.

Choir/Orchestra/Band: these courses were placed in their recommendations if they are currently taking the classes. They may cross those courses off (if it is fine with you) and replace them with a different elective

World Languages : Spanish and French are on their recommendations if they are currently taking the classes. They may also cross these off and replace with a different World Language or a different elective

ALT : We need alternate course options listed in case a selected course fills up OR ends up not being offered.

AVID : AVID is by application only. All current AVID students will need to reapply. If your child is not in AVID but would like to try it in high school, they may also apply. AVID applications are available in from Ms. Fisher (FCV AVID teacher). PLTW Engineering : All students interested in the Project Lead The Way Engineering program must start with Intro to Engineering Design next year.

Biomedical Sciences: All students interested in the Biomedical Program may select Principles of Biomedical Science as one of their electives

Integrated Chemistry and Physics Honors: We have a new course available for students with Science Group A or B on their selection forms. This is a great option for students who would like to start working in the physical sciences however they would like an extra year or two prior to taking a physical science for college credit! ICP Honors should be considered as an introductory course for Honors Chemistry and AP Physics.

PE Waivers – Students may earn 2 PE waivers for participation in LN Sanctioned sports, Marching Band, Advanced Dance and Show Choir. HEALTH must still be taken in school or online.

Course selections sheets are due in the FCV counseling office by Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Important Dates:

February 12, 2020: Course Selection Sheets Due

February 14, 2020: 8th grade Course Requests will be entered into Skyward

March 10, 2020: College Night at Lawrence North. 6:30 – 8pm Come see over 100 colleges and also learn about the AP/IB/ Dual Credit (ACP and others) programs offered at Lawrence North and McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology

May 7, 2020: 8th Grade Open House at Lawrence North

June 1, 2020: Last day to change classes for Fall

July; Freshman Orientation. Date to be Announced

August 3, 2020 : First Day of School

Click on this link to see some of the amazing things happening at Lawrence North!

Have a great weekend!

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