Note from the FCV PFO Meeting

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Subject: Note from the FCV PFO Meeting
Date: February 11th 2020

Good morning!

Course selection sheets are due at Fall Creek Valley tomorrow! Please send them in even if you are considering changing a few things. Changes can be made by sending an email before the end of the school year.

Last night Mr. Atkinson and Ms. Patterson Allen attended the FCV PFO meeting. A few things were discussed that might be of interest to everyone.

Q: Do high school classes taken in middle school count?

A: YES! Students earn high school credit in middle school for taking Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish I and II, French I, Biology I Honors and Prep for College and Careers (1 credit for this class regardless of how many times it may have been taken).

Q: Does the Spanish Immersion Biology Honors count for the state Biology requirement?

A: Yes.

Q: Do students need to put an Alternate class on their course selection sheet

A: yes! On the course selection “grid” under the preprinted STUDY HALL there is a gray shaded area with ALT listed. Please list alternate options in this section. There are several reasons that we might have to utilize that Alternate option: A course is full, A course is cancelled OR a course does not fit in the schedule.

Q: Are freshmen required to take a study hall

A: Short answer – yes. More complicated answer – it depends. We would like to see all freshmen start with a study hall. Study halls allow students 80+ minutes every other day to get work completed. If your child will be doing afterschool activities, it is very helpful to have that Study Hall/ CCR block. We also want to make certain that all students have the opportunity to take 7 classes each semester. Allowing some students to take 8 classes lowers the opportunity for other students to get into electives of choice. Some classes, however, do not have a maximum number. Students in 2 music performing arts classes (Choir, Band and/ or Orchestra) can take that 2nd performing arts class in place of a study hall because most of those courses tend not to have a maximum.

Q: Can students earn 2 pe waivers now?

A: Yes!

    • Students are permitted to receive credit for both Physical Education credits through participation in activities (i.e. marching band, show choir, advanced dance, or athletics)
    • Students need to participate in multiple activities or multiple years of the same activity



Big Discussion: State graduation requirements versus what we are requiring.

The state has a list of classes that are required to graduate, however the high schools are also responsible for addressing what our postsecondary institutions are stating they would like to see on transcripts. Technically, Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II are all that is required to receive the Core 40 diploma but the state also states that students must take a minimum of 3 years of math while in high school. Students must also have a quantitative reasoning class every year in high school. Per the Indiana Dept. of Education, a Quantitative Reasoning class is the following:

A quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) course is a high school course that "advances a student's ability to apply mathematics in real world situations and contexts" and that "deepens a student's understanding of high school mathematics standards."

Options might be advanced science classes, computer science, some Project Lead the Way courses, some Trade and Industry classes, Economics

The state lists some of the biomedical courses as eligible to fulfill state science requirements. Many of our colleges are advising that they very much like the biomedical science program as science electives for students. Our four-year college recruiters have advised that they want to see traditional sciences on the transcripts. We believe in preparing our students to be as competitive as they can be for that transition from K-12 to whatever their next plan is after high school therefore we are looking for all incoming students to have a “traditional” science next year.

As always, we are available to answer questions and address concerns. Please email:

Shelia Patterson Allen, 8th to 9th Transition Counselor: sheliaallen@PROTECTED

Brian Atkinson, Freshman School Administrator: brianatkinson@PROTECTED

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