LN FOOTBALL (April 2020)

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Subject: LN FOOTBALL (April 2020)
Date: April 9th 2020


I hope that everyone is safe, healthy, and doing their best for the betterment of yourselves and your communities. I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss what I do. The everyday grind of school, then workouts or competitions, but most importantly... THE RELATIONSHIPS! I miss our boys and our families. This is tough for so many reasons. I hope every single day that our WILDCATS and their families are safe and out of harms way. I struggle with separation, I don't like being away, and I don't like not being active in the everyday lives of you all.

I really do not have any answers at this time for what is in store for football and a calendar. As soon as I know, I will pass along the information.

I really need to make sure the boys are doing their work via Canvas for school. There are assignments for my weight training classes that needs to be completed as well. We do not want to get through this just to find out that any of our boys are ineligible becasue they didn't do their school work. That would be terrible. I am trying my best to contact the boys through school email, canvas messaging, text and/or through HUDL which is our online video database.

I also want to share the importance of the boys continuing to work out. I understand that most boys do not have actual training equipment around the home, but we all need to be creative! I will share with you what I shared with the boys. These are the words from a friend of mine...


1. Don't do any workouts on your own and you'll know it.

2. Do 2-3 workouts a week, you, your teammates (and your coaches) will know it.

3. Do 5-7 workouts a week, you, your teammates (and your coaches), AND your opponents will know it!!!

Take care of each other!

Coach Mal

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