LN Band Message: Concert Band Chaperones Needed!

From: "LN Band" <alisongoller@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: LN Band Message: Concert Band Chaperones Needed!
Date: April 20th 2017

We still have an URGENT NEED for Chaperones for Concert Band to travel with our students to ISSMA Contest!  

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered!  You will be able to watch your student perform, no parking woes, no traffic, and it's free!


  • Concert Band and Symphonic Band will perform at ISSMA contest on Friday, April 21.
    • Call time for Concert and Symphonic bands is 3:00pm.  
      • Concert band will return at 6:45pm we need 3 additional chaperones
    • See the itinerary attached and also at www.lnband.com


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