LN Band Rummage Sale Thank You

From: "LN Band" <jenniferjansen@msdlt.org>
Subject: LN Band Rummage Sale Thank You
Date: June 26th 2018

Thank you to all the students and parents who helped to make the 2018 LN Band Rummage Sale a huge success.  Once again in a 72 hour period we set up, sold and tore down one of the largest rummage sales around.  The numbers are not all in but the early reports say it was another successful sale. 

The sale raised much needed funds for the LN Band programs.  It also helped to support several other community charities.  We sent VHS and DVDs to the Shriners, shoes to Sole Mates, household items to the Children’s Bureau, children’s clothes and books to a local church group, bags to the Go Cats Food Pantry, dresses to the Lawrence Prom Closet, and men’s clothes to a homeless shelter in Anderson.  I am proud to say that the LN band family not only works to help themselves but also “pays it forward” to other worthy causes.

I would like to thank the other band people who helped to pull this sale together.  I am proud to have worked with Kaye Schoenling, Jennifer Jansen, Tony and Tonya Laudadio and Lara Ibey. A project like this cannot happen without teamwork and this was an awesome team of parents who gave so much time and talent to make this a successful sale.  The last thank you has to go to Sharon Johnson and the Lawrence Youth Corp. without their help our set up would have taken so much longer.  They were a blessing to our project.

My final word is for the families who were not able to help this year.  Mark your calendars now for next year’s sale.  It will most likely be the fourth Saturday of June. We need every family to make this sale a success.  You not only help to raise valuable funds for all band students but you get to meet and work with a fabulous group of parents and students.

See you next year,

Gayle Cartwright


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