LN Band Volunteers needed for Breakfast Sale and Concessions!

From: "LN Band" <jenniferjansen@msdlt.org>
Subject: LN Band Volunteers needed for Breakfast Sale and Concessions!
Date: August 10th 2018

Did you know that our Breakfast Sale Table and Concession Stands bring in more money than all of our other fundraisers combined??? Without these programs, marching band fees would go up almost 25%, concert band class fees would double, and the number of scholarships/financial aid awards would be dramatically reduced. 

PLEASE consider volunteering for at least one shift for each of these vital programs. The Breakfast Sale Table has yet to open this year due to a lack of volunteers, and of the 47 concessions shifts open the next 7 days, only 3 shifts have been filled. 


The Breakfast Table Concession runs every morning in the LN commons. 3 adults are needed from 7:50am - 9:05am each morning, and a $5 stipend is paid into your student's account for every shift.

For more information on the Breakfast Sale, or to volunteer, go to http://signup.com/go/tVnZSrt

Contact Gayle Cartwright at gmjc031154@comcast.net or Jennifer Jansen at jenniferjansen@msdlt.org with questions


Working in the Concession Stand at LN Football, Soccer, and Vollyball games is an easy way to earn money for your student's account! 

  • All family members 16 years and older are welcome to work in the Concession stand; workers make $20 per shift
  • All adult family members 18 years and older are eligible to become a Stand Manager; Managers earn $30 per shift

For more information on available Concession Stand shifts, or to volunteer, go to http://signup.com/go/RbPHOeR

Contact Tonya Laudadio at tonyalaudadio@yahoo.com with questions

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who help make the LN Band program such a success! 

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