LN Band Concessions help needed

From: "LN Band" <jenniferjansen@msdlt.org>
Subject: LN Band Concessions help needed
Date: August 24th 2018

Concession help is greatly needed for the following dates, times, and positions:


Sat, Aug 25 - JV/V Boys Soccer

12:30-4:30pm - 1 Worker


Wed, Aug 29 - JV/V Girls Soccer

4:30-9:00pm - Stand Manager


Thur, Aug 30 - JV/V Girls Volleyball

3 Workers  5:00-9:00pm


Sat, Sept 1 - Freshman & JV Football

Freshman @ 10am & JV @ 11:30am

9:00am-1:30pm - Stand Manager

9:30am-1:30pm - 1 Worker


Tues, Sept 4 - JV/V Girls Volleyball

5:00-9:00pm - 5 Workers


Tues, Sept 4 - Boys JV/V Soccer

4:30-9:00pm - Stand Manager

5:00-9:00pm - 1 Worker


The busiest two months, of concession season, kicks off in September with games running 6 days per week.

As always, the greatest need for volunteers will be the Friday night football games when three concession stands need to be staffed.

Sign up now and earn money towards your students band account. Workers earn $20 per shift towards their student's account, and Stand Managers earn $30 per shift! 

Click here to sign up via our new volunteer management system, signup.com

Email Tonya Laudadio with questions at tonyalaudadio@yahoo.com

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