LNXC 2020

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Subject: LNXC 2020
Date: May 8th 2020

Parents & Runners,


  1. LNXC 2020 PHONE DIRECTORY- Please complete this form to be sure we have all of everyones updated information if you haven't already done so.
  2. LNXC STRAVA- Click here if you would like to join our new online running club. It gives you a place to keep track of all your runs, and encourage eachother to stay active while we are training apart.  It is awesome to see so many athletes grinding on their own!
  3. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE OR CONDONE RUNNING IN GROUPS!  Please continue to practice safe social distancing at this time!
  4. Athletes may NOT run on the LN campus or Track.
  5. As of this moment--- The IHSAA has realeased a statement stating that Fall sports are able to start training together on July 1st.  Moratorium week has been waved.  Please understand that these are historic times, and that we will need to be flexible if changes arrise.  When we know more--- so will you!  We will start to send out specific training info in the coming weeks for you to do on your own.  Until then, keep up the hard work and log it on STRAVA. 
  6. If you or another LN friend/family member need help or resources during this time, the Paw Pantry has been BLESSED with generous donations and we want to HELP with ANYTHING you need!  (EX: Food, water, help with bills, baby supplies, toiletries, etc)  NO MATTER THE NEED-- WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!  Please reach out and let us know!

- Your Coaches 

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