LNXC- Weight Room

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Subject: LNXC- Weight Room
Date: July 6th 2020

Parents & Runners,

What a great first day back!  We are so excited to be able to get back to the grind again.  FOUR THINGS...

1. We would like to change the end time of practice to be an hour and 15 minutes from the start time to take screening into consideration, and so that nobody is waiting around for us. 

2. All athletes-- Please text your Head Coach a selfie with your name and grade from your cell phone.

  • Girls Head Coach- Mickie Barsic | 317-694-5872
  • Boys Head Coach- Rob Church | 765-623-7534

3. Here are the results from our LNXC 2020 PHONE DIRECTORY so that athletes and parents can communicate among one another.  It is live, so it will automatically update as new runners sign up.

4.  WEIGHT LIFTING-- THIS WEEK ONLY--- Coach Happ would like for only the veteran weightlifters to participate this week so that she can communicate expectations to our leaders first.  All other athletes who are signed up will attend next week.  All other runners will meet at their regularly scheduled running times.  Below are some of Coach Happ's expectations in the weight room:

  • First session- She will go over social distancing and cleaning procedures.
  • Athletes will need to bring his/her own water bottle from practice.
  • Athlete will sanitize hands when entering the weight room.
  • Athlete will be responsible for disinfecting all equipment he/she touched when working out.
    • Weight room and LN Custodial staff will also do additional cleaning/disinfecting everyday.
  • Restrooms available with social distancing.
  • If you are running first, bring a new shirt/tank to lift in.
  • Coach Happ will always be wearing a mask.  If desired- Athletes can wear a mask as well.



- Your Coaches

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