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Subject: Milers Night Info
Date: January 16th 2018

Tomorrow's Milers Night is going to be a lot of fun. It is a very hyped up inter-squad meet with just the distance team. We will have three teams competing for the Milers Night Championship. This is for all of the bragging rights until next season's cross country camp time trial. So please come out and support!

There will be no practice directly after school tomorrow. Rather, the athletes should eat a light snack and get ready for the big races.

Milers Night Itinerary:

There will be four heats tomorrow. The event will start at 6pm sharp! The evening should be over by 7:00. All races will be held in the Fieldhouse at LN (Next to the gym). 

We have asked the kids to come by 5:45 to warm up. And we promise they will be done as close to 7:15 as possible. 

Parents, if you can make it...this is a lot of fun and a great way to reconnect with the families that make this all possible. 

There will no be a big speech or anything like that. However, We will hold a quick meeting for the parents that come to cheer following the last race to get you guys up to speed on what is going on in track. We do not have schedules or anything like that yet as contracts are getting finalized. We will use this Cross Country listserve and the Cross Country Twitter to communicate as much as possible throughout the season. 


Coach Morgan

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