Crew Carwash Fundraiser Update

From: "LN Boys & Girls Cross Country" <>
Subject: Crew Carwash Fundraiser Update
Date: July 25th 2017

Hi LNXC families,

A little less than one week left for our Crew Carwash Fundraiser. Thank you to all families who have sold so far. We are a bit behind so, please keep on selling!

A reminder we are asking every family to sell 20 washes. Don't feel like selling? Consider making a donation to LNXC (Checks payable to LN Athletics - LNXC). Checks can be given directly to Coach Morgan.

There is still time to help in supporting the cost of the 2017 LNXC season.

With appreciation,

Stacy Reid (317-294-9515)
and of course, your coaches!

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