LN Orchestra Message: Orchestra Newsletter 8/29/17

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Subject: LN Orchestra Message: Orchestra Newsletter 8/29/17
Date: August 29th 2017

Orchestra Newsletter 8/29/17


Director’s Corner:

    • Important: Fittings for Orchestra Concert Attire:
      • New Students will be fitted for concert/performance attire during class on Wednesday, 8/30 (Sinfonia/Chamber) or Thursday, 8/31 (Sonatina/Concertino).  All new students are required to purchase attire
      • Returning Students: Please try on concert attire before Wednesday/Thursday to determine if any new items are needed.  Bring the item to school (clean and pressed!) to be exchanged. 
      • Please Note – We may not be able to exchange an item that has been extensively altered or is unsuitable for use by another student. 
      • Boys wear a tux ensemble (shirt, vest, pants, bow tie and jacket), girls wear a long black concert dress.  Purchases are charged to your student account.
      • ALL STUDENTS: Any accessories (shoes, belts, socks, hair accessories) MUST be black.
  • We have started a Monday after-school Mariachi Program.  It meets in Room 153, from 4:00– 5:00pm.  Here is a link to an award-winning high school Mariachi group in Texas.   Texas High School Mariachi Champion
  • Tissues for Extra Credit. Bring in a box of tissues to earn extra credit.
  • Orchestra Fees: Fees are integral to the success of this program.  Please see the LN Orchestra Handbook for full details, and send in payments as soon as possible.   Make checks payable to LN Orchestra, contact alisongoller@msdlt.org with questions.


  • Orchestra Booster Club.  We need to start an orchestra booster club to help organize the following:
    • Fundraiser for the orchestra
      • Help fund trips to be inspired by the great orchestras available to us in our region.
      • Help fund trips for the orchestra to participate in festivals just about anywhere.
      • Help fund enhancements to our program, such as increased sectional coach time with renowned coaches, more activities that develop camaraderie within the orchestra.
    • Chaperones for trips to festivals and competitions
    • Assistance with uniform adjustments
    • Decorations and signs to boost the spirits of the four orchestras.
  • Private lessons:
    • Private lessons are highly recommended for our any of students who want to excel at their level or make progress towards earning a spot in the Chamber Orchestra.  Private lessons help at any level, regardless of how good you may be or how badly you feel you play. Really, the more you play, the better you play, and the more fun it is to play!   Please let Mr. Valencia know your student’s interest and when they are available during school by using the following form on page 15 of the student handbook: http://lnorchestra.weebly.com/uploads/5/8/1/3/58131833/orchestra_handbook_2016.2017.pdf   A list of private teachers is on the LN Orchestras Website or by following this link: http://lnorchestra.weebly.com/private-lessons.html
Jose Valencia
Director of Orchestras, Lawrence North High School


In Other News:


  • Orchestra families have the opportunity to fundraise alongside LN Band families selling concessions at various LN Athletic events. 
  • Concession positions have been posted to CERVIS, our volunteer registration site.  Check frequently for updates. 
    • Friday, September 1st is the annual LC v’s LN football game.  This is a HUGE event for us, and there are currently 15 open positions.
  • All family members, 16 years of age and above, are welcome to participate.  Each person receives $20.00 per shift, which goes directly into your student’s account, $30 for stand managers* (with training).  Please note: There will be a limit of 3 signups per family until everyone has a chance to signup (no limit on Friday night football games). A message will be sent when families can sign up for additional shifts.
  • Please contact Tonya Laudadio for more information.  Email: tonyalaudadio@yahoo.com.
  • To sign up: Go to www.lnband.com.  Click on CERVIS (in the upper right hand corner).  Create an account, or log in.  Look the available shifts and sign up. Check back frequently for updates!
  • *Stand Managers are needed!  A Stand Manager helps open/close the concession stand and is the person “in charge”.  Please email Tonya Laudadio if you are interested in becoming a Stand Manager.  There will be a training session.


  • COMING SOON!  The annual Butter Braid Sale will run from September 14 – 28. 
  • Get a head start of the holidays or just treat yourself with these tasty treats!  There are 10 sweet and savory Butter Braids to choose from, delicious Dutch Desserts and 5 favorite Wooden Spoon cookie dough flavors!
  • Payment and orders are due on or before 9/28/2017, and items will be delivered on 10/18/17.
  • Your student will earn $5.00 per Butter Braid item sold.
  • Order forms will be available in the orchestra room and posted to www.LNband.com soon.
  • Contact Jen Jansen for Butter Braid information at jjbean3030@gmail.com  



  • COMING SOON!  The annual Java Joe Coffee Sale will run from September 14 – 28.
  • Choose from flavored or non-flavored; ground, whole bean or K-cup; regular or decaf.  There are even choices for non-coffee lovers!  There is truly something for everyone!
  • Payment and orders are due on or before 9/28/2017, and items will be delivered on 10/18/17.
  • Your student will earn $4.00 per Java Joe item sold.  Plus, students will receive a free pair of earbuds for every 10 items sold!
  • Order forms are available in the orchestra room and are can be downloaded here.
  • Contact Wendy Manubay for Java Joe information at wendymanubay@gmail.com.



  • Orchestra families have the opportunity to fundraise alongside LN Band families helping at the Breakfast Table, selling concessions every morning in the LN commons.  
  • We need 3 adults each morning from 7:50 – 9:05. A $5 stipend is paid into your student's account for every morning you help! 
  • If you are available to work weekdays from 7:50 – 9:05 a.m. we can use your help.

How to join in:

  • Go to the CERVIS link on the LN Band website and sign up for the mornings you are available.
  • Watch your email for a reminder of your commitment.
  • Meet your team in the LN front office (we sign in and go up together)
  • There will always be an experienced person to show new volunteers the procedures.
  • If you have any questions or need help signing up on CERVIS please contact Gayle Cartwright gmjc031154@comcast.net or call 317-439-4020.


SCRIP – Gift Card Fundraising

  • Turn Everyday Shopping into Fundraising – no selling, just earning!  Scrip is fundraising while you shop at all your favorite stores!  Click here to find out how..
  • The next Scrip order date for plastic cards is Tuesday August 29.
  • Go to the Scrip website at www.shopwithscrip.com to place your order, enroll in PrestoPay, reload cards, search for special offers and more.
    • Orders paid by cash or check must be received by Alison Goller in the band office by 2:00 pm on the order date.  Online orders paid by PrestoPay must be made by 7:00 pm on the order date.
    • The shipping fee on plastic cards is $8.50 for standard delivery. This fee is divided between everyone who placed orders for plastic cards on that date, and is deducted from any earned rebate.  If you are the only person ordering cards, the entire shipping fee will be deducted from your rebate.
  • For Scrip questions, please contact Kaye Schoenling KSchoenl@comcast.net or 317 709-0039.
  • KROGER UPDATE: Kroger shoppers, please register your Kroger Plus Card and direct a percentage of your purchases to the LN Orchestra General Fund.  We are listed as Lawrence North Orchestra # 10225.  Register annually and benefit the orchestra with every purchase.  Last quarter, our orchestra families raised $107.06.  Thank you! 


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