Lawrence Township Winter Percussion Message - LC Families - Classic Volunteer Request

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Subject: Lawrence Township Winter Percussion Message - LC Families - Classic Volunteer Request
Date: March 8th 2017

Attention Lawrence Central LTWP Families

As you know, Lawrence Central is hosting the 28th Annual Show Choir Classic on Saturday, March 11th.
You may be wondering why this message is being broadcast via the LTWP listserve and quite frankly the answer is simple. At this time the Classic is extremely short on volunteers.

All LC marching band families are required to work a volunteer shift at the Classic as part of the shared fundraising efforts for the entire LCPAA. How does this effect you and your LTWP student?
For the 2017 season, the LCPAA subsidy per LC student is $400 or almost $16,000. This means instead of $1000, student fees for winter percussion are only $600.
These funds are only available by hosting successful events, with happy customers who desire to return year over year.
The LC Classic nets between $30-$35 each year, which means a substantial chunk of that money is being used to offset costs for winter percussion and other student programs.

LC parents may work a shift in the morning before or in the evening after LTWP performs at Franklin Central.
If LN parents can to help relieve LC parents LTWP volunteer duties, meal plan, uniforms, etc. on Saturday, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have been contacted and have not accepted a volunteer shift yet, please contact or text Sue Felli at 317-694-7674.

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