LTWP - It’s time to celebrate!!!

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Subject: LTWP - It’s time to celebrate!!!
Date: April 25th 2017


It’s time to celebrate!!!


LTWP had an unforgeable week at WGI World Championships! The performers continued to grow and push the show forward each day until the very last note Saturday morning. The performers moved up to 8th place in finals!!  I’m so proud of the performers, staff and parent support staff that made this possible. We will celebrate more soon!



Season Celebration/Awards Night

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we need to change the date for the LTWP Season Celebration. The Celebration has been moved to Monday, May 8th at 7pm. This is primarily for the student performers but everyone is invited to attend. Performers and adults who have volunteered in any way for LTWP this season are welcome to sit in the main room and will be provided with pizza, drink & dessert.  Everyone else is invited but will have to arrange their own table & food in the smaller group room on your own.  Everyone can move into the main room when we start awards. We have the entire restaurant rented to ourselves!



Donatos Pizza

8880 E 96th St

Fishers, IN 46037



-Nathan Bushey


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