THANK YOU/State Rings

From: "Lawrence Township Winter Percussion " <>
Subject: THANK YOU/State Rings
Date: April 23rd 2018

Well folks thats all!  After an amazing finals run, LTWP finshed 6th in PSO with a score of 92.138.  Highest score and placement ever for LTWP!  Thank you to all Staff, Crew, and Parents for making this amazing season possible.  For those of you that are interested in a State Championship ring, Balfor will be at LN at 4:30 this coming Wednesday 4/25 to take orders and size students.  A $60 deposit will be due on Wednesday to get the order started.  Artwork and order forms are attatched.  Thank you again to everyone involved in LTWP2k18!  I love you all!!

- Titus

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