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One week left in the 2014 - 2015 School Year!

Sent May 22nd 2015

Class of 2019 – You are almost LN High School Students!!! Just a few things to review as we head into the last week of the 2014 – 2015 school year! _Schedules_ When you look online, you should be able to see your tentative schedule for next year. These schedules are tentative…class periods and teachers may change! _Schedule Changes_ All elective class schedule changes must be completed by Friday, May 29, 2015 – that is one week from today!  Schedule changes should be completed through...

Class of 2019 Message

Sent April 13th 2015

IT'S OPEN  HOUSE TIME! The LN Open House is this week!  The open house is Thursday April 16 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. You will have opportunities to speak to teachers about class options and summer academic requirements, coaches about summer conditioning and to club sponsors about various extracurricular activities! There will an information session offered twice during the evening.  The first session will be held at 6:30pm. If you cannot make it at 6:30, the session will be repeated at 7pm. Please ent...

Class of 2019 Message

Sent March 27th 2015

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! The 9th/ 10th grade LN counselors spent several days, over the last 2 weeks, at Fall Creek Valley!  We met with the 8th graders to discuss course options, future goals, and possible extracurricular activities they might decide to join at LN. What’s next? In early April we will be back at FCV to give printed copies of course requests to the freshmen and also to promote our open house! The course requests are requests, not schedules. Students will receive tentative schedules in late summer...

Class of 2019 Message

Sent March 13th 2015

The Lawrence North 9th and 10th grade counselors are headed to Fall Creek Valley for the next two weeks! We will have brief meetings with 8th graders to discuss their course selections. If changes to the course requests need to be made, we will be able to do so when meeting with the students. We will also take a few minutes to address any questions or concerns the 8th graders may have. We are looking forward to our time at “The Valley”! ...

New Class opportunity for the class of 2019!

Sent February 20th 2015

Class of 2019 - we have a new Social Studies class that was, mistakenly, left off of the selection sheet.  This is a social studies elective. Please see the description below. IF your child is interested in taking this course, please either email Shelia Patterson Allen ( OR your child can communicate this to the counselors in March during their individual meetings.  Please rememb...

Class of 2019 Message

Sent February 18th 2015

Scheduling update for 8th to 9th grade Green Course selection sheets need to be turned in this Friday, February 20th.  Even though the sheets need to be turned in, changes may be made until the end of the school year.  You will need to contact Shelia Patterson Allen : in order to make changes after Friday. Please remember that the 9th/ 10th grade counselors will have individual meeting...

Class of 2019 Message

Sent February 4th 2015

LNHS Class of 2019 Wednesday, February 04, 2015 Welcome Lawrence North Class of 2019! This listserve will be used, periodically, to send information on important dates and processes in order to get your 8th grader ready for their first year of high school. Next week we will begin the process of scheduling for next year.  On Thursday, February 12th, we hope you will join us at Lawrence North for our 8th grade parent scheduling meeting.  This is an opportunity to learn about the 8th to 9th grade scheduling p...




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